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Advance Design is Australia’s aged care uniform specialist. Servicing all sectors of the aged care industry we are trusted to deliver an image that will impress and uniforms your staff love to wear.

Hospital Scrubs by Advance Design

The new almost universal standard in hospital attire is hospital scrubs, even for workers who never set foot inside an operating theatre.

Once only used by surgical staff (which is why they’re called “scrubs” because they’re worn by people who have to “scrub in”), scrubs are now worn in many hospitals by everyone from surgeons to janitors.

This craze for wearing hospital scrubs in Australia can perhaps be traced to their popularisation in American TV shows. It’s also possibly because scrubs are versatile garments that are easy to care for and relatively inexpensive compared to other uniform items.

Because patients now accept the appearance of non-surgical staff wearing scrubs as normal, and maybe even expected, you may be considering buying scrubs for your hospital as a standard and consistent uniform.

Plenty of options

Medical scrubs are available in an assortment of different styles and colours. Many hospitals elect to use colour coding to identify an individual’s job role or department. The brightest colours are often reserved for children’s wards, as research indicates children and parents have a preference for bright colours.

More than just clothing

The most important purpose of uniforms in the hospital environment, apart from making it easier to identify which people in the vicinity are staff, is that it helps reassure patients in the ability and professionalism of the staff.

While in reality a uniform is just that and nothing more, patients see a much deeper message behind what the uniform represents to them. This state of mind is beneficial to you as a healthcare provider and beneficial to the patient as well.

By allowing the patient to have more faith in the healthcare provider, the uniform has a positive effect in reducing anxiety.

The Advance Design difference

Australia’s top provider of hospital scrubs online is Advance Design. We lead the way in manufacturing, supplying and selling quality uniform apparel, including a wide range of scrubs for sale. By partnering with the Number 1 US scrubs brand sharing the Grey’s Anatomy scrubs with Australia, Advance Design are leading the apparel industry with premium hospital scrubs.

The secret behind the success of Advance Design is that we understand perfectly what medical industry professionals need when it comes to scrubs clothing. This is how we are able to supply scrub uniforms that have the most advanced textile technology you will find in any scrubs online in Australia.

Some reasons to buy scrubs from Advance Design include:

  • Designed for easy cleaning – you already know the huge diversity of substance that can splash on scrubs during a normal work day. Our textile technology is designed so you can simply wipe off minor spills, while more in-depth spillage can be washed out easily. Result: you never have to scrub your scrubs.
  • Absorbs without saturating – the various body fluids that might get on your scrubs as you work can be a concern, but scrubs from Advance Design are made from quality material that fluids don’t readily soak through to the skin.
  • Non-restrictive garments – light weight and offering complete freedom of movement, our scrubs are designed to be easy and comfortable to wear.
  • Durable – designed for heavy duty use in a busy hospital environment, these scrubs can stand up to a lot of punishment.
  • Stylish – incorporating an appealing visual design is an important step in developing scrubs for a modern hospital
  • Affordable – even though they’re the best quality scrubs for sale, the prices are totally realistic, so your finance team will be just as happy about them as your medical teams are

Advance Design is the easiest choice you’ll ever make, with the most premium collection of scrubs online. We have made it as easy as possible to select and buy scrubs for your hospital.

An investment in quality

The process of making that choice is the vital step. When you choose Advance Design you know you are getting:

  • Quality made products
  • Modern, technologically advanced fabrics
  • Top notch craftsmanship
  • Ethical manufacturing
  • Outstanding value

We have been in business for over 50 years, always striving to maintain our position as the top Australian manufacturer and supplier of hospital uniforms and scrubs. We have never wavered from our task, and the same high standards have been continuously part of our business philosophy and methodology for half a century.

Savvy hospitals put their trust in Advance Design because of our reputation for always delivering high quality products that are beyond the scope of competitors.

Notable factors for children’s hospitals

The choice of scrubs is never more important than when making a decision for personnel who are primarily responsible for children’s health care.

Multiple research projects, including in situ experimental scenarios, have found that children can benefit considerably when the personnel who work with them are attired in multi-coloured uniforms.

These studies found that the colours and patterns are helpful in distracting attention away from the more unpleasant aspects of medical treatments, and can help to calm anxiety in paediatric patients.

One of the very notable things about it is that anxiety in children can be contagious. If one child reacts with severe exaggeration, almost every child on the ward will be that much more stressed out while waiting for their own procedures to take place.

A point that any buyer of hospital uniforms would do well to consider is that you need to weigh up the benefits of providing the ultimate in selection for children and weigh this up against the more drab and formal expectations parents may have.

Most parents do, however, seem to appreciate hospitals that go to extra lengths to create a brighter and more positive atmosphere for children.

One of the studies (Campbell et al, 2000) found that the more formal aspects associated with hospital attire – the perception of an authority figure, for example – was less of a consideration for families when offset against features such as approachability and openness.

The study concluded that a multi-coloured or themed uniform might improve the communication potential between families and medical staff.

We would suggest that every hospital that has a dedicated children’s ward should at least give it a try. Feedback from nurses generally indicates a positive response in terms of how patients react.

Advance Design specialises in Aged Care UniformsHealthcare UniformsCorporate Uniforms & Custom Design Uniforms.

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Nursing Staff

Comfortable, durable and iron-free is the feedback. Our range of Barco medical tunics, pants and scrubs deliver the most comfortable and professional solution for your busy nursing staff.

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care uniforms, Barco print top, scrub pants for carers

Residential & Community Care

Comfortable, happy staff deliver the best care for your clients. Create a professional look to reflect your brand with the comfort your valued care workers deserve.

Allied Health

Assisting clients through their path to recovery can be a physically demanding job. Ensuring the appropriate uniform for the job is one of our specialties.


Administration Staff

Professionalism is at the core of aged care services and our range of uniforms will promote your business in a professional and stylish manner.

Recent Projects

Watch our videos to see the results of our latest projects. Highlighting solutions that compliment each customer’s branding and garments that are fit-for-purpose using colour to define roles from clinical and care through to admin staff.

Sample Gallery

This is just a small sample of the uniforms we are able to provide. Call us today on 1800 639 611 – we can help source what you’re looking for and find the solution that is right for you! Alternatively we are able to provide custom made, bespoke uniforms that meet every requirement … the choice is yours!


We understand aged care and what matters most to you and your staff.

Our team of uniform experts offer the industry’s leading style support to ensure your uniform programme sets distinction and style. Benefit from our industry experience as we work hand-in-hand with you to develop a wardrobe to complement your brand; fit-for-purpose with the comfort, durability and functionality we understand aged care professionals require.

Advance Design has been trusted for 50 years to deliver quality uniforms that last.

We embrace a time honoured formula for success in aged care uniforms and will help you create the ideal uniform solution for your brand and staff.

Our range of uniforms offer the following features:

  • Modern and stylish products that look and feel amazing, build your brand and inspire confidence.
  • Easy care, iron free, fade resistant fabrics.
  • Innovative technology including stain/liquid resistance and infection control.
  • Made from cool and comfortable fabrics.
  • Quality stitching and generous design cuts to ensure freedom of movement and no irritations – comfortable to wear in any aged care facility and clients’ homes.
  • Colours to match or complement your brand and uniform requirements.
  • Options to create a consistent theme with points of difference by department/role.
  • The most comfortable carers pant you will ever wear.
  • Many styles to choose from in both upper and lower garments.
  • Custom-made solutions to expand your options.

Uniform ordering and management made easy

For the uniform administrator, placing orders, remembering sizes and managing allocations and budgets in aged care can be tedious and time-consuming.

To make it as easy as possible, we have created the industry’s most integrated online procurement solution.

A complimentary system designed to save you time and to guarantee you will never spend more than your budget. Our system takes care of sizing, uniform allowances, ordering annual allocations and budgeting.



  • We are very satisfied with Advance Design – they listen to us and have delivered on all their promises. We’ve been impressed with the level of communication from the team. If stocks are low or delayed, there are always plans in place to meet our requirements. They visit us regularly and give us fast turnaround.

    Shelley Lantry HR Manager | BCU Credit Union
  • We find the ordering system really user friendly and it makes it easy to keep track of entitlements. The team at Advance Design are always responsive to our queries and they do everything possible to meet our needs. It’s easy to access their people and they work well with our stakeholders, too.

    David Tran Procurement Manager | Anglican Retirement Villages
  • The overall solution was what we were after. Kristi and Ray ‘got’ what we were trying to achieve. The online store is also very impressive. From the very first meeting, Kristi and Ray made everything so easy and I never felt like any request was an issue. The staff look amazing, which reflects in their work and customer service. Updating a uniform doesn’t have to be such a tedious experience. Working with the right suppliers can actually make this part of the job a more pleasant experience. The fitting service makes it all so much simpler and less room for error.

    Kristin Deamer Executive Assistant to the CEO | Pittwater RSL
  • Advance Design know their products and any advice will be of benefit. They make sure they take into account the number of different heights, shapes and sizes. Not one style suits all! Advance Design have always provided us with great service and their prices are always competitive. The staff look great and feel great. The Barco scrubs were of a better finish … drip dry, no ironing and little creasing … had the right amount of pockets and colours were chosen for different gradings … RN, AIN, EN. We are very happy with all of the service and products we have received from Advance Design. We will be using them in the future as the team have always gone that bit further.

    Sharon Nancarrow HR Manager | Toukley Family Practice | Warnervale GP Superclinic | Mariners Medical | Tuggerah Medical Centre


Advance Design is proud to be the exclusive importer of Barco Uniforms the world’s leading brand of medical uniforms, scrubs and carers pants, for Australia and New Zealand.



Hospital Scrubs

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Advance Design is an associate member of Aged & Community Services Australia


Bespoke Design and Manufacturing

Changing a colour or adding a trim may give you a different look, but when you need a truly bespoke design to enhance your brand, Advance Design can deliver.

From initial sketch to the finished product, we achieve an outcome that reflects your vision.

All of our bespoke designs are manufactured in controlled factory environments and are not outsourced to the general market.

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