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Frustrated with your uniform supplier and their endless excuses about the whereabouts of your stock?

You’re not alone… reliable stock supply of uniforms is one of the biggest pain points experienced by many organisations.

2017 brings a huge opportunity for you to put a stop to these frustrations. As a uniform partner, Advance Design listen to our clients needs and empathise with the frustrations they have had in the past, often over many years.

Our profession has become so fragmented and most have embraced the “me-too” philosophy of supplying absolutely everything from printed stubby coolers, to promotional bags to high end large-scale comprehensive uniform programmes. There’s just one problem. Being all-encompassing in product means uniform suppliers cannot adopt this philosophy to their service offer; nor is there a deep understanding of the specific demands of certain industry’s that stems from focus and specialisation.

We continue to receive calls from organisations experiencing pain with their current uniform suppliers. Their challenges are consistent in three areas:

  • Frustrations around stock supply were endless!
  • Difficulty re-ordering uniforms or exchanging ill fitting uniform pieces
  • A lack of communication around back orders

The funny thing is the frequency of incoming calls from Procurement and HR Managers, Operations Managers and DON’s is increasing from one week to the next. It seems the problem is only getting worse.

So what are organisations to do?

I advocate a disruption to the current clunky processes, stresses and failures.

There are many papers which outline the key strengths one should look for when selecting uniform suppliers. It is important to note that most lack these!

I would recommend organisations who value their brand and their people and who want to make uniform ordering and management as easy as possible, should ask the following questions as a bare minimum:

  • What is the exchange and return service offer?
  • What is the online ordering and employee database service offer?
  • How do you manage stock supply?
  • What are your processes for handling back orders?
  • Once the contract is signed and the first order is delivered, what is included in the service offer?

According to Clean Rental in their How to Solve the 5 Biggest Challenges with Employee Uniforms paper 2014, their conclusion is on point “…the benefits for employees and your company’s bottom line are worth the time it takes to research a solution that meets your needs and fits your budget.”

This is not simply referring to the actual style and fabric of your uniform but the entire package! I believe in the vital role a uniform plays for any service-based organisation with public-facing employees.

I sympathise with the frustrations and challenges you have faced. Let’s make a change to the stigma around being stuck with the uniforms and make it easy! Know that there are other options and that with one phone call you can commence the process of change.

We guarantee it’s that easy… just as it should be. Call 1800 639 611


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